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Signing up to pay via Direct Debit makes it easier for you and helps to save you time, it helps our business too. We’ll be saving hours of time each week managing payments which we plan to reinvest into continually improving our service to your brand.

You will no longer have to remember to make future payments: as soon as your invoice due date is reached, payment will be collected automatically from your pre-agreed bank account.

GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider, processing over £5 billion in payments annually for more than 30,000 organisations including The Guardian and HM Government.

You’ll be notified before each payment is taken and your payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment was ever taken in error. Read more on: Direct Debit Guarantee (UK)

Thank you for continuing to work with us and if there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards
Renata Rimkute With Gemini Web Media